Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar / Catherine Zavala
Mandolin, Vocals / lowercase limell'
Wind Instruments, Vocals / Roger Sperline
Guitar, Vocals / Tom Dukes
Bass, Vocals / Brian Corkill
Percussion, Vocals / Nick Tomazic
Percussion, Bass, Vocals / Heidi Schewel
Artistic Director, Rogue Tambourine / Jeanne Dusseault

She doesn't really play that thing, doesn't even know what's it's called.

Catherine "El Bossa" Zavala, practically a native Tucsonan, spent most of her early musical career in a partnership with a close friend, another long time Tucson musician, Nancy McCallion. Together they formed many bands, the most successful being the folk-rock "Celteño" band The Mollys. Over a ten year span The Mollys released seven CDs and developed a solid following while touring in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. After leaving the Mollys, Zavala spent roughly another ten years traveling the world and collecting music that would eventually form the foundation of the Minute2Minute sound.

Roger Sperline, wind instruments and vocals

Multi-instrumentalist Roger “ROJ” Sperline is the wind beneath our musical wings in Minute2Minute.  Clarinet, flute, pennywhistle, recorder, ocarina all grace our performances at one point or another.   He also plays sax, banjo, violin, guitar, viola da gamba, mandolin, and the list goes on for a ridiculously long time.  

From junior high, Roger played woodwinds in every kind of group that would have him. He joined the String Bean Folk Orchestra in 2009 on violin and banjo, and periodically conducts and arranges for select performances.

A well-known highly skilled luthier and “doctor of all things musical,” Roger has saved the day for countless number of Tucson musicians.

Roger describes Minute2Minute as Energetic, Tight, Fearless, Fun, Transgenre, Quixotic, and Unembarrassable.

Among his life achievements, The Raj includes building a replica hurdy grudy from Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”.  Yes, really.

How does he do it?  “It’s like falling off a bicycle.”

Brian Corkill, bass, guitar, vocals

Brian “Count Corkill” is a consummate comedian and a damn fine musician.  The fine musicianship is immediately apparent, but the hilarity only peeks thru when you get to know him.  Please encourage him, he can get shy about these things!  Hard to believe given that he used to pretend that his life was a TV show when he was a little kid.

He currently performs with two other great Tucson bands (Higher Ground and Reverie).  If he weren’t such a great guy we wouldn’t let him get away with two-timing on us.  But the truth is, we couldn’t live without him (as he reminds us constantly) so we put up with his shenanigans.

At last count, The Count has been in 16 bands (although not all of them have been televised).  He is very well known in the local rock arena for his amazing guitar sound and beautiful vocals.  Brian performed in many local groups (Trilogy, Hit and Run, Tunesmith, Peaches and Autumn, The Billy Shears Band) around Tucson and the Southwest.  Not surprising since he started playing music at the tender age of seven.

Brian has been voted the band member who is “Mostly Likely to Rename the Band After Himself.”  

Heidi Schewel, bass, percussion, vocals

If you’ve ever attended the Tucson Folk Festival or a Tucson Kitchen Musicians (TKMA) event you have been blessed with the efforts of “Frau” Heidi Schewel.  Heidi has served on the Board of TKMA for years including serving as president for three years. She has attended every Tucson Folk Festival and performed at most.

Bluegrass fans in the Old Pueblo owe Heidi a great debt as she is a charter member of the Desert Bluegrass Association.

Besides playing bass and percussion for Minute2Minute, she also plays bass for the String Bean Folk Orchestra and can occasionally be heard dabbling on mandolin, ukulele, piano, clarinet, dobro.

Far and away, most people will recognize Heidi as the spokesperson for Coronado National Forest. As someone who has a deep love for the outdoors and nature, she has been a great steward of our national heritage in her 25 years at the Forest Service.

lowercase limell', mandolin and vocals

Born in Charlevoix, Michigan and raised in rural North Idaho, lower case limell' is happy to call sunny Tucson her home. She prefers to stay out of the limelight but has provided support to the Tucson music scene for years through her work with InConcert Tucson! as well as being the founder of the Tucson Friends of Traditional Music Slow-jam. An avid amateur photographer, she has provided many local bands with her video and still camera talents.

Tom Dukes, guitars and vocal

Tom “Tomaso the Duke” Dukes would like you to know that the only reason he is in this wacky band is because his wife demands it.  On further investigation, one quickly discerns that he is actually, in fact, addicted to Catherine’s band leadership style and discipline. In a recent interview, Tom publicly stated, “The songs are interesting and challenging and not anything I would have discovered on my own. The instrumentation is different from all my other guitar-based bands and, you know.... good humans everywhere you look!”  We’re not sure if he means in the audience or on stage with him.

A musical overachiever since the age of 11 (pause a moment to note that Count Corkill has a 4 year lead on our lead guitar player…), Tomaso currently performs with 6 bands, as well as a multitude of special appearences. His bandmates have no idea when he sleeps, but he does seem unusually chipper so we think that the musical overload is good for him.

You can catch Tom’s musical brilliance in Dukes Dad & Daughter, Higher Ground, Reverie, Two Hand Band, and Undercover Band.  He sings lead and harmony vocals with ease and plays a variety of instruments including the guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, and clarinet.  If your lucky, you’ll get to hear him whistle a tune or two!

The Duke would like his fans to know that he aspires to be a vegan when he grows up.

Nick Tomazic, percussion and vocals

“Natty Nicholai” Tomazic began his musical journey with piano lessons when he was a wee lad of six.  He enjoys dabbling with a variety of instruments, but others in the band feel that his true love is a’singing and a’dancing.  Nick’s grandmother told him that the secret to never being lonely was to learn to cook and to dance.  Sage advice that has served him well over the years!

And speaking of dabbling, Nick has a wide variety of musical experiences.  From elementary school band to choir to International Folk Dance, he is no stranger to haunting a wide variety of musical venues and experiences.

Gogol Bordello and Michael Franti serve as Nick’s current entertainment inspiration.  Brave Combo, The Beatles, Jim Hendrix, and Queen are long time favorites.  Weird Al is his long-term muse.

When speaking to his reason for being a part of Minute2Minute, The Natty One states, “It’s most definitely the diverse repertoire! Exploration is the “joy factor” that drives and delivers the magic in this music. I am a perpetual seeker of knowledge and experiences and this band delivers on both accounts!”

Other deep thoughts from Nick include, “I’m not a starving artist, although at any given moment I am probably kinda hungry. Got any toast? Or pie?”

Madame Jeanne Dusseault is responsible for our public reputation. She makes us look great in print, online, and on stage. She manages our stage design and never fails to wow us with her brilliant and playful graphic design ideas. Honestly, you'd think we're a much bigger deal than we are given how great we look!

Jeanne is the only person in the band allowed to play the tambourine. Rumor has it she plays a mean fife, but we haven't gotten her drunk enough to demonstrate her mad skilz in public. We're working on it.

Although she insists that she doesn't really care for music, she is a rabid Leonard Cohen fan.

She sites the awesome costumes as the most enjoyable aspect of being a member of Minute2Minute.

Photos by Gary Mackender, Connie Colbert, Kathleen Dreier, Warren Van Nest, CE Elliott, and other friends. Thank you!