limell' plays a 1915 Chocolate Gibson

When asked about the name of the band, Zavala explains, "The name Minute2Minute refers to the fact that I want to be able to play a variety of genres of music and not be pinned down to one specific type. The goal is to continually create musical performances that incorporate several mini-sets, each one a different genre or flavor; sometimes Eastern European, Western European, or American folk, sometimes with elements of flamenco, klezmer, tango, waltzes, polka, punk, British pop, and a slew of other globally inspired sounds. This means we don't fit into any one genre easily.

"We added the tag 'And you're in it' as a way to express our desire to include the audience in the show. We try not to be obnoxious about it, but I think most people who go out to see live music get a kick out of being invited to engage. Our main goal is to play well and have fun but it wouldn't be much fun if the audience wasn't into it."

Musical Influences include:
Czokolom, Gogol Bordello, Yid Vicious, Peter Ostroushko,, Absinto Orkestra, the Beatles, Elton John, Elvis Costello, The Pogues



Tom Dukes plays a Cordoba GK Studio Guitar