Minute2Minute was created in 2012 as a performance vehicle for Catherine Zavala who, after a long hiatus from touring with the local award winning band, The Mollys, was ready to explore the next phase of her musical adventures with two guiding factors in mind:
⚫ the first being the enhancement of the amount of time available to interact with her spouse, referred to as lower-case limell'
⚫ the second being the ability to maintain a high level of passion and enjoyment for performing music

Factor one required getting the aforementioned limell' to agree to join the group. Not easily done (some colorful and misleading language was helpful), but the task was completed none the less.

Factor two required years of research and collecting of music from around the world to find the sound that would hold Catherine's interest. The majority of the resulting song selections clearly revolved around the melody lines and rhythms, both new and old, coming out of Eastern Europe. A genre, that at the moment of forming this band, Zavala was indiscriminately calling "Gypsy". A word that would prove to be more provocative and controversial than one could imagine. Having a deep appreciation for Roma culture, Zavala has since attempted to avoid the use of this word and begs forgiveness when the inevitable inclusion happens. In more correct terms the repertoire of the band can be referred to as simply "global" or music that has no one continental home as aspects of almost every culture may be included, passing from one culture to the next minute 2 minute.

Clever, yes?

So after years of contemplation it was time for Zavala to take the band out of her head and onto the stage. With chord charts for seven songs in hand, a sketch of guidelines (fondly referred to as the M2M manifesto) to keep her on track, and the initial buy-in from a handful of local musicians, Minute2Minute quietly began rehearsing.